OpenGL Utility Toolkit

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Game uses GLUT library or any alternative implementations of the GLUT API.


The first video game about OpenGL Utility Toolkit was released in 1997.

GLUT library (by Mark Kilgard) is no longer maintained.
... for Linux, ported to Windows by Nate Robins. Mac OS X ships with its own implementation of it.

[[link: freeglut]], an open-source clone of GLUT.
... for Linux at least, possibly some others but no pre-packaged binaries are available.
freeglut has tried to take over improvement of GLUT API since GLUT died.

[[link: OpenGLUT]], a fork of freeglut, expanded on the API.
... for Linux and Windows at least, possibly others too but no pre-packaged binaries are available.
Unlike freeglut, OpenGLUT does not try to stay compatible with the original GLUT API.

Only freeglut's development seems to be active anymore.