Goals / objectives

Video game concept

Any tags describing the goal/objective of a game needed to progress or win.

Changing goalsSomewhere along the line your actual goal changes to something unrelated to the first, either because the original becomes impossible or the new one is more important.2006 / 201512 games
ClaimingTo progress, player must collect/claim all or most of some thing - usually objects of certain type, but can be anything - to proceed in each level.1978 / 20181041 games
Class-restricted tasksIncludes tasks, quests, missions or such that are only available to a subset of classes or even just one.1 game
Dynamic objectivesThe objective what player needs to do to progress/win can change at any time to something else. Not for scripted changes in objective(s).2 games
Objective: EliminationTo progress in the game, player must eliminate every single opponent (encountered).1981 / 201670 games
Objective: Find ExitTo progress, all you have to do is find the exit or whatever serves a similar purpose.1984 / 201544 games
Objective: GuidePlayer must guide someone or something besides the protagonist (if there even is one) somewhere.1987 / 201944 games
Multiple objectivesPlayer must accomplish multiple separate but possibly related objectives to succeed.2004 / 20103 games
Objective indicatorShows where the current objective is located in one way or another.1990 / 2019327 games
Optional tasksPlayer has optional tasks they may perform for one reason or another.1982 / 2019386 games
Objective: ProtectThe protagonist must protect someone or something besides themselves for a significant portion of the story.1980 / 2017150 games
RescueSignificant part of the plot involves rescuing, or attempting to rescue, one or more people.1980 / 20171089 games
SearchSearching for an object, a place, a person or something else is a major element and activity in the story.1981 / 2019219 games
Secrets: TasksYou can be rewarded for performing certain tasks you are not made aware of before you complete them.2000 / 201810 games
Species-restricted tasksIncludes tasks, quests, missions or such that are only available to a subset of species/races or even just one.1 game
SurvivalHas an overarching goal of surviving.1982 / 2019124 games
Unrelated objectivesPlayer must accomplish two or more unrelated objectives to succeed.2002 / 20032 games
Variable objectivesWhat player needs to do to progress changes with each mission, level, or such.2 games