Gold Box Engine

Software entity

1987-1994. Know as GBE since a shiny gold cardboard box was used for many of the games. It was eventually released to the public as Unlimited Adventures


The first video game about Gold Box Engine was released in 1988.

SSI and Pony Canyon has published most of these games

Several encounter mechanizations exist in the Gold Box Engine. But walk the same path where no monsters are set, and count your steps between random encounters and note the types of monsters that occur in them. Calculating can be complicated due to the possibility of multiple step counters running at once, the random chance that encounters will not appear every time the counters trigger, and that some step counters may trigger (but have a low chance of having more than 0 monsters). But you'll eventually find your steps to trigger a certain encounter are a multiple of some number (multiples of 1 if a single step triggers an encounter). Generally, the lower this number for a given type, the more encounters one can expect.

"coab" (also, "#coab") is an option to play the game native on Linux, Mac, and Windows 10 with all features implemented (including the original cheats) except for character importing (which is to buggy too call a feature). As Curse of the Azure Bonds uses the "Gold Box" engine, coab will probably allow all gold box games to play native in the future.