GTIA chip

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Requires the prescience of a GTIA chip.


The first video game about GTIA chip was released in 2013.

There is nothing the GTIA does that is overly revolutionary. Rather it's the fact that this single chip can process color, 8 'sprites', variable pixel width and height per sprite and graphic mode, collision detection, generate up to 256 visible colors, on or off screen graphics, input from up to four 14 button 2 axis controllers, up to 3 system buttons, and a click sound. And it does all this without a graphic buffer or video RAM. This chip is like 16 chips and hundreds of electronic components all-in-one. This one chip also has the cost of one chip and avoidance of the hundreds of electronic components is also a cost saver. The RF interference all that hardware might generate is avoided. All that weight is avoided. All that space is not taken up. One of the neatest tricks (I think), is that a CPU can send data for maximum of 9 different colors and get 256 colors on the screen (when the data is sent provides the additional colors). There was certainly better graphics hardware in the era, but none were so efficient.


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