Grand scale

Other (objects, etc.) theme

The scale of the events reach across the globe, galaxy, the universe, reality itself, or across multiple realities.


Alternate names: Massive scale, Epic scale
Name variations: grand scope, massive scope, epic scope

The first video game about Grand scale was released in 1971.

Microprose, 2K Games and The Freeciv project has published most of these games

This isn't about visiting many locations spread across the world/universe, but rather the events affecting things in extraordinarily large scale.

For example, World War may not actually be grand scale because, for example, the historical ones affected only quarter of the world if even that much, and the second one was actually multiple wars happening roughly around the same time.

Available methods of travel can be taken into account for measuring what is grand scale. For example you'd need to involve quarter of a galaxy or more in Star Trek to make it matter for this tag.


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