Graphics techniques

Software theme

ChromaDepth 3DChromaDepth is a patented 3D technique that takes advantage of the different wavelengths of the visible light spectrum.1991 / 20095 games
Depth fogUses a depth fog or similar effect, either to simulate fog or to hide rendering cut-off point.1994 / 201646 games
Lighting and shadowingcontainer group
SNES mode 7Uses the SNES mode 7, any similar hardware capability on other platforms or simulates the effect on software.1990 / 201674 games
Parallax scrollingA 2D graphics technique that gives an otherwise flat background a sense of depth by moving the background layer(s) at different speed (usually slower) than the foreground (game area).1985 / 201867 games
Photographic BackgroundsBackgrounds are just slightly edited photographs.1 game
Pre-rendered backgrounds1996 / 201792 games
3D Pulfrich EffectTakes advantage of a binocular perception quirk whereby horizontally moving objects are seen by 1 eye moments before the other, enhanced by 1 dark lens1990 / 19932 games
Soft particles2007 / 201617 games