Gray choices

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Player is made to choose between two or more options in which none seem better or worse than the other or are vague on their effects, especially when all options are bad.


Alternate names: Ambiguous choices
Name variations: grey choices

The first video game about Gray choices was released on October 28, 2008.

Bethesda Softworks, Sega and EA International has published most of these games

Even more so when the popular "third option" or not choosing has similar bad effects or worse. Generally the lack of a "safe" option, even if one would initially think there was one such (possibly revealed not to be that if thought of enough).

This is NOT for cases when the options are presented in manner that question your morals, see moral choices for that.

Likely to have significant (un)foreseen consequences.

The most basic example of this is to have two or more people who you value equally, either for same reason or for different reasons (e.g. a lover and dear parent, a dear long time partner and a person critical to your mission, a love interest and a group of civilians you don't know at all, etc.), and you can only save one of them. Though this would only count if choosing the non-mission critical person does not cause automatic game over.