Grenade cooking

Video game concept

Player can cook grenades (wait for the fuse to burn) before lobbing them off at some risk to themselves.


The first video game about Grenade cooking was released on June 20, 1997.

Bethesda Softworks, Sega and Warner Bros. Interactive has published most of these games

* Grenades or bombs

* Grenade re-throw / toss back - cooking is often used to prevent this.
* Charged throw
Cooking, as in, pull the pin and let the fuse burn for a short while before throwing the grenade, hazarding the grenade exploding in their own hand or too soon after throwing. The purpose of this is to reduce the chances of the enemy throwing the grenade back, and/or to create an air burst, maximizing the damage potential.

Usually games lack the deviating fuse lengths that make this a severely discouraged technique in real warfare. But often they lack simulation of the differences between air burst and normal detonation as well.

The main benefit in games comes from the enemies having less time to scamper from the grenade's effective radius or even notice it, and also to prevent them having the time to re-throw the grenade back or off. Also to make certain the grenade blows where needed (such as near a high scaffolding) rather than flying through or bouncing off somewhere less useful or even back at you.

Bombs with burning fuses also apply when the player can wait for the fuse to burn down before throwing.


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