Ground slamming

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An attack performed by hitting the ground with enough force that it produces a shockwave, usually heavier characters either punch or stomp the ground directly while lighter characters usually jump in the air first.


Alternate names: Ground pounding
Name variations: shockwave slam

The first video game about Ground slamming was released on November 21, 1991.

Nintendo, THQ and Activision has published most of these games

Common effects include: massive damage, stunning nearby enemies, and/or knocking nearby enemies down or back.

This is for slamming down on the ground, not on characters though often hitting someone directly causes much greater damage to them. If this is unusable without hitting someone directly, then you aren't looking for this tag (see body slamming tag instead). Hop & bop games should generally not be included.

In some games this is used for destroying the ground itself.
See also: body slamming, stomping (similar, but does not cause any shockwave effects)