Group mind

Creatures theme

Includes a collective of creatures that operate through a group mind.


Alternate names: Hive mind, Collective consciousness

The first video game about Group mind was released in 1995.

Blizzard Entertainment, 2K Games and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

Use collective when player is in actual control of a group mind.

Note that group mind does not imply that the members of the collective lack individuality, only that they share some level of consciousness with each other. Hive mind is a variation where there's only single individual intelligence controlling numerous bodies. An example of individualistic group mind would be a group of cyborgs with some form of data connection to a forum and/or data repository they could access. Essentially every member of the collective would know everything the others would share in it, but this would have no impact on the individuality of its members. A bit like people having a VPN (a private network) wired to their brains. The network wouldn't define them or their behaviour, but it would allow them access to the combined knowledge of all others connected to it. However, this can be branched farther by having voluntary and involuntary sharing of information and so forth.

Quoted from The Christian New Testament:
My name is Legion, for we are many.