Gun clubbing

Activities theme

Player can use their projectile weapons to attack in melee, usually by hitting their opponent with the butt of a rifle, pistol handle, or in rarer cases with the barrel or body of the gun.


Alternate names: Butt-stroking, Pistol-whipping, Buffaloing

The first video game about Gun clubbing was released in 1992.

Electronic Arts, Deep Silver and 505 Games has published most of these games

This is for all projectile weapons that are primarily exactly that. Combination weapons (like the popular gunsword) should not be considered for this as they tend to resemble the proper melee weapon alongside being a projectile weapon.

Butt-stroking is an actual military practice of using the butts of rifles for close-combat, pistol-whipping is a less educated use, and anything else is likely an act of desperation, anger or stupidity.