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Extremely hard, requiring player to memorize levels, repeat the whole game over and over again (usually memorizing something new each time), throwing nigh impossible challenges at the player and so forth.


Alternate name: Nintendo Hard

The first video game about Hard was released in 1982.

Retroguru, Electronic Arts and Team17 Digital has published most of these games

In effect, most players just give up, or are warned beforehand to never even try these (because of the insane difficulty, not because they're bad per se).

Does not require any of the tags to be applicable that state unnecessary hardness like instant death or lack of any save/retry functionality, games can still be extremely hard to a point that people just don't want to play them again.

These also have a habit of having the first few levels as somewhat easy, but the difficulty tends to shoot up at some point and stay there.

* If multiple difficulty levels exist and something easier is selectable which does not cut the experience short (yes, there are games that do not allow playing the game through on "too easy" difficulty), this tag does NOT count.

Players who pointedly play these kinds of games and try to beat them quite seriously are sometimes called masochistic players.

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