Video game concept

Any and all character health related tags.

See also: damage
Fragile protagonistThe protagonist dies extremely easily (though not from single hit from [i]everything[/i]).1989 / 2019104 games
Multiple health poolsPlayer character and possibly others have multiple unrelated health pools, and if any of them reaches critical level the character dies or might as well have done so (becomes incapacitated).2001 / 201510 games
Unusual healthThe main "health" of the character is something unusual, other than how intact they're physically.2006 / 20157 games
Health bufferPlayer can gain a secondary health bar that is depleted before the actual health is ever touched, this can exist in form of temporary hitpoints, armor, shields, or pretty much anything but functions the same.1995 / 201788 games
Health restorationAny and all tags relating to healing or other restoration of vitality.container group
Health warningPlayer is given a warning when they are nearing death due to low health, usually the screen flashing or turning red or other effects.1986 / 2018142 games
Instant deathThe player dies from single damaging hit of any kind, the equivalent of having never more than one life/hit point.1978 / 20191384 games
Internal damageTracks and simulates the effects of damage to internal systems, such as organs of a biological being or the various internal systems of a machine.1992 / 201728 games
Locational healthEach individual part that can be damaged has its own health, lowering the health of individual part may lead to death, the part tearing off, crippling it, or simply reduced performance with it.1988 / 201856 games
Segmented healthPlayer character's health is divided into segments.2005 / 201414 games