Health regeneration

Other (objects, etc.) concept

The protagonist regenerates health automatically over time.


The first video game about Health regeneration was released in 1982.

THQ, Bethesda Softworks and Activision has published most of these games

Health regeneration: Slow, Moderate, Fast, Stunted

* Energy regeneration
* Shield regeneration
MMOs should probably not be included as they seemingly all have this in lesser degree.

Although automatic healing is listed as synonym, this is not for cases where the character[s] automatically use healing items.

This is not for cases where sleeping or such restores the character(s) to full health.

This is also for automatically repairing vehicles, robots, and such.

Parent group

Health restoration

Child groups

Health regeneration: Fast / Instant, Health regeneration: Moderate, Health regeneration: Slow, Health regeneration: Stunted

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