Health restoration

Video game concept

Any and all tags relating to healing or other restoration of vitality.

Parent group

HealingPlayer can or must heal other characters, usually limited to organic beings.2003 / 201792 games
Active healingPlayer is required to actively participate in the healing process in some manner, either simply pressing some button down until healing is done or working in some minigame, usually blocking normal gameplay for the duration.2005 / 201216 games
Delayed healingHealing effect is applied only after the process has been completed if it takes significant time or starts after a notable delay.2008 / 20127 games
Gradual healingAny healing is gradual, occurring at a pace over time rather than instantaneously.1998 / 201610 games
Instant healingAny healing is instantaneous, occurring as soon as the healing item or ability has been used.2001 / 201411 games
Healing deviceThe protagonist has an ability, power or device that can be used indefinitely to heal themselves and possibly others.1999 / 201739 games
Healing finishersPlayer is healed partially or fully upon successfully using a finishing move or similar.1999 / 202020 games
Healing itemsPlayer can carry about healing items and use them when necessary.1982 / 2020689 games
Healing stationsPlayer can find stations, devices, characters, or other objects that can be used repeatedly to heal wounds and possibly other ailments.1984 / 2018174 games
Health drainingPlayer can somehow transfer the health of others onto themselves.1993 / 201941 games
Health dropsOpponents drop things that heal the player partially or completely. Can be dropped upon defeat and/or from being hurt.1991 / 202088 games
Health pickupsIncludes items that restore all or part of the player character's health upon picking up, activation or touching. These can't be stored in inventory even if such exists.1985 / 2020351 games
Health regenerationThe protagonist regenerates health automatically over time.1982 / 2020524 games
Health regeneration: Fast / InstantHealth regenerates fully in only few seconds when not taking damage, making it very useful even in middle of combat.2001 / 2017141 games
Health regeneration: ModerateHealth regenerates at a moderate speed, a breather may help you survive, but you won't get back to full health without still spending some time out of harms way.2001 / 201826 games
Health regeneration: SlowHealth regenerates so slowly it won't save you even if you get a few moments of peace. Requires long downtime between battles to help at all.1995 / 201837 games
Health regeneration: StuntedHealth regeneration works only up to a point (such as restoring a partial segment to full but not beyond it, or up to a certain percentage of full health), never fully restoring it.2001 / 201754 games
Imperfect healingAny immediate healing the player can use can not accomplish perfect results.1992 / 20189 games
Level-up restorationUpon gaining a new level, character's health and energy reserves are restored.1996 / 201895 games
No healingThere's no way to heal yourself during missions or similar activities.1997 / 20128 games
No health regeneration1999 / 2019123 games
OverhealPlayer can somehow restore their health above normal maximum, often this excess health slowly dissipates back to normal maximum.2003 / 201736 games
Restorative finishersUsing a finishing move or similar restores part or all of the character's health and/or energy.7 games