Heavy weather

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The first video game about Heavy weather was released on March 2005.

Deep Silver, Ubisoft and Valve has published most of these games

* Tornados
* Flood
For cases when the weather becomes abysmally bad, thunderstorms with visibility so bad you can hardly see across the street, gale winds, and other weather elements that go beyond what one could consider normal. Generally anything that would make any sane person stay indoors even if they were in some other distress themselves already, unrelated to the weather.

This ignores "normal" in regions where heavy weather is the norm.

This is to contrast with light drizzles or mild winds.

Somewhat common in sea adventures, or those with old ships with sails. Generally any ship captain would pull down the sails to keep them from tearing to shreds or pulling the mast down (and possibly the ship with it).

Especially for cases where this has other effects besides visual and sound.

* Heavy Rain chapter of Left 4 Dead 2.