Hispanic protagonist

Creatures theme

The protagonist is of Hispanic descent (Iberian peoples [Spanish and Portuguese], Italians, Latinos, etc.) or has the likeness of such.


Alternate name: Latino protagonist

The first video game about Hispanic protagonist was released on August 27, 2002.

2K Games has published all these games

Stereotypically hispanics are associated with:
* Organized crime and youth gangs (Mafia for former, Latinos for latter – even for hispanic countries where such are non-existent, such as Cuba and Chile)
* Illegal immigration (Latinos specifically)
* Passionate and sensual (Latinos especially)
* Poverty (especially hispanics in the Americas)

Physically hispanics are stereotypically:
* Dark haired and eyed
* Tan skinned

The above are stereotypical depictions and as such should not be thought as scientifically accurate.