Homing boulders

Video game concept

Projectiles that one would not ever expect to home on their target do so.


Alternate name: Inexplicably homing projectiles

The first video game about Homing boulders was released in 1998.

Beamdog , Blizzard Entertainment and Blizzard has published most of these games

This is commonly an artefact from lazy programming. Projectiles are presumably hitscanned or statistically hit their targets, but the graphics are not made to match this but rather play out their "hit target" animation a bit too faithfully. Generally caused by graphics being too separated from the game logic.

This includes thrown weapons (e.g. those boulders), arrows, bolts, bullets, and so forth.

If the weapons or whatever are described as target seeking, homing, guided or otherwise unerringly target striking then they do not belong to this tag, regardless of what they are.

Parent groups

Quirks, Unrealism

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