Hostile flora

Creatures theme

Features any kind of actively hostile flora (plant-life).


Alternate names: Hostile plant-life
Name variations: hostile plants, dangerous plants

The first video game about Hostile flora was released in 1985.

Ripstone, Valve and Interbellum has published most of these games

* Strangleweed (and any similar)
* Stabby-slashy-bludgeon plants
* Cloudgushers or whatever
* Podling launchers
... and whatever else they could do.

This is regardless if the plants are trying to eat the thing they're attacking. It could be a defensive mechanism for all we know, or just an odd reaction. E.g. puffing out some harmful cloud could be a spore cloud which is part of the plant's reproduction cycle rather than any form of attack (even though in game terms this would be an attack).

Plant creatures (e.g. Ents) should NOT count for this particular tag since there should be means to distinguish plants that behave like animals (plant creatures) and regular plants that are dangerous.