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Any tags relating to hosting multiplayer games or related concepts.


Alternate name: Servers

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Client-hostThe game client also can function as server for multiplayer games as opposed to having (or in addition of) dedicated server.2010 / 201614 games
Cross-world charactersSame character can be played with on multiple worlds/servers without losing the things they take from the others. Likely goes unexplained in-mythos.1996 / 201646 games
Data import from hostPlayer can receive additional data, such as sounds, textures, character models, levels/maps, etc. from the server/host they're playing on.2005 / 201611 games
Dedicated local hostHas dedicated local host/server application available, either bundled with the game or available for free as a download. Usually available for more platforms than the game itself is available for.2001 / 201620 games
Host migratingAllows migrating host from one player to another mid-game, likely with a momentary pause as players connect to the new host and sync. Usually automatic if current host leaves/disconnects.2010 / 201315 games
Nonauthoritative hostThe host/server does not function authoritatively, making anything that player sees to be the real thing. Usually not used in servers that run competitive games to not give unfair advantage to those who lag (via lag teleporting and similar).1 game
Server browserUses a master server mechanism to register and list all available game servers/hosts, thus providing a server browser for the end users.1999 / 201625 games