Hover flight

Activities theme

Player character can fly, ride a flying animal or control a vehicle that can fly but does not require constant forward motion or similar to stay airborne.


The first video game about Hover flight was released on December 1982.

THQ, Psygnosis Limited and Konami has published most of these games

Good examples of this are things like helicopters, VTOL aircraft, some (all?) flying insects, hummingbird, and so forth. However, the examples are not automatically taggable as many games do not actually allow hovering despite you being in control of something for which it is somewhat signature feature.

Hover vehicles, such as hover cars, tanks, boards, etc. nor air-cushion vehicles count as they do not really fly.

"Hover flight" is not officially recognized term to describe the act of hovering by aircraft, rather, the real word is simply "hovering". The flight is added to distinguish them from the hover vehicles seen in many Sci-Fi settings that don't really fly. And even from many cases of levitation which does not grant any flight capability.
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