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Player must keep their characters and/or minions fed with solid or semisolid sources of nutrition lest they suffer starvation and possibly death.


Alternate names: Starvation
Name variations: starving, malnutrition

The first video game about Hunger was released on January 1, 1974.

Infocom, Klei Entertainment and SSI has published most of these games

Note that if the food is only required to satisfy some nutritional upkeep value, then tag with upkeep instead. This tag is for things like malnourishment, famine, and such that occur due to not eating, not minions refusing to work for you when you can't even give them basic food for their services (as in, acts the same as you not being able to pay their wages). An example would be that the food you have serves as an unit cap or simply affects how happy your minions are (but otherwise does not affect their health, longevity, and zeal in serving you).

Dying immediately after running out of food are lesser cases as humans for one can survive about a week without water, and about month without food. However, player is likely to suffer various ailments for not being properly fed and watered, such as decreased stamina and other more severe problems.
* Wilderness survival
* Hunting
* Foraging
* Fishing
* Cooking
* Upkeep - food upkeep may be confused with hunger
* Hyperalimentation

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Survival simulation

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