id Tech 4

Software entity

Uses id Tech 4 game engine, developed by id Software.


Alternate name: Doom 3 engine

The first video game about id Tech 4 was released on August 3, 2004.

Activision, id Software and 2K Games has published most of these games

id's game engines: id Tech 1, Quake, id Tech 2, id Tech 3, id Tech 4
Supported platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS3
The engine has built-in support for [[link:/groups/info/openal OpenAL]] and does rendering by [[link:/groups/info/opengl OpenGL]].
Uses DirectX 9 on Windows for input handling and possibly some other managerial tasks outside the scope of OAL and OGL.

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Game engines, id Software game engines

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id Tech 1

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Linux 10
Windows 7
X360 4
Mac OS X 4
PS3 2
Xbox 2
Android 1

By year

040506070809101112131415 82460 A
A2004 - First id Tech 4 game

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