Imlac PDS-1 minicomputer

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1970 graphical minicomputer and terminal, 4096 16-bit word RAM (equivilent to 8mb), vector display. Also light pen, hypertext, & windowing environment


The first video game about Imlac PDS-1 minicomputer was released in 1973.

The PDS-1 could be used as a smart terminal for other mainframes both local and remote. The PDS-1 itself was a fully functional computer that allowed terminals to access it. Terminals could access the PDS-1 and use it's capabilities to access other computers that they were otherwise incompatible with.
The 1st online multiplayer game and 1st first-person-shooter, Mazewar, could be run on this computer and therefore playable by the terminals that could access the PDS-1. Mazewar on MIT's host machine was allowed for 8 users through PDS-1s and clients.


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