Immaterial realm

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Includes a place that is not physical, although it may be indistinguishable from physical place simply by its appearance.


The first video game about Immaterial realm was released on March 25, 2003.

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This tag is most useful for cases that can't be properly categorized under other non-physical worlds, though this is also the proper parent tag for them all.

Often these are excused by claiming the person's brain or whatever else effectively "translates" the unfathomable realm into the old and safe physical world (a.k.a. self-delusion). Some just blatantly ignore the issue, and others have the immaterial mimic things of the physical realm for one reason or another (especially in case of dreamworlds or parallel immaterial realms).
* Cyberspace
* Imaginary world
* Underworld - tentative, as in some mythoses the afterlife is a physical place albeit far removed from the mortal realm.
* Spectral realm

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Dream world, Virtual reality

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