Video game concept

Any tags which's primary purpose is to improve immersion.

See also: realism, awareness
CrowdsLarge numbers of people or other creatures that are hard to move through.2007 / 201214 games
Head bobSimulates the way people's head does not remain perfectly at same height when moving around, bobbing up and down and possibly even side to side.2004 / 20123 games
Explained HUDThe presence of the HUD is more or less explained in-mythos.1983 / 201744 games
LoadlessAfter the game reaches the point where the player can actually play, there are no notable pauses for loading thenceforth, anywhere.2010 / 201814 games
No crosshairThere's no targeting crosshair on the HUD.1996 / 201632 games
No health displayDoes not show any health value or other numeric, textual or graphical element that directly correlates to health.2005 / 201543 games
No HUDAny information the player may want is integrated into the gameworld instead of represented in a head-up display.1991 / 201884 games
NPC strifeNPCs do not target the player as if she was the only thing worth killing in the whole world. Your enemies fight against each other when it makes sense to do so.1993 / 2020230 games
One of manyThe protagonist is one of many on a single side, whether or not the others actually manage to do anything useful.2001 / 201537 games
Seamless worldThe game world is without level, zone, stage, etc. transitions that break immersion.1992 / 201890 games
TrafficPlayer encounters significant traffic that more or less interferes with what they must do.1979 / 2017174 games
TrashPlayer can find, collect and fiddle with large number of items that have no use what so ever.1992 / 201557 games