Incompatibility: Multi-core CPU

Hardware theme

Exhibits issues of varying severity with multicore processors (likely hangs, crashes, or abnormal performance). Usually solved by limiting the game to single core.


Alternate names: Multi-core processor, Missing thread synchronization

The first video game about Incompatibility: Multi-core CPU was released on August 11, 1999.

Likely caused by the game using multiple threads without actually using thread-safe programming to work properly in environment where multiple threads are executed simultaneously, relying solely on scheduling on single-core CPU to never need it.

The problem can occur also with hyper-threading on single core CPU.

Potential fixes: (for Windows)
1) Use Win95 or Win98 compatibility mode.
2) Create .bat/.cmd file that contains "start /affinity 1 program" in it.
3) Use 3rd party app that starts the game in uniprocessor mode.

Permanent solution (on Windows) is to use a tool like imagecfg as follows
imagecfg -u executable