Video game concept

Extra indicators for various gameplay elements that the game fails to sufficiently represent otherwise.

Note that some of these may be purely artificial, such as route, FoF and PoI indicators.

Parent group

Damage direction indicatorHas an indicator for from which direction the player character is taking damage from.1998 / 201677 games
Friend-or-Foe indicator1995 / 201685 games
Game progress indicatorShows overall game progress in some manner.1984 / 201643 games
Hit confirmationGives some form of confirmation if you hit anything worth hitting, generally providing this even in cases when you couldn't possibly know (such as shooting targets outside of visible range or behind vision blocking cover such as bushes).2009 / 201713 games
Target lead indicatorA simple computer aiming aid model which calculates the direction you need to shoot at to hit the target at their current movement vector.2002 / 201615 games
Noise indicatorIncludes an indicator for how much noise you're making, possibly complemented with inclusion of how much your environment is making noise.1999 / 201720 games
Point-of-interest indicatorPlayer is shown where they may find something interest well before they become aware of them existing there, often when sufficiently close to them.2006 / 201856 games
Route indicatorPlayer is given a full or almost full route to follow rather than some hotspots or the final destination alone, similar to GPS route calculation.2009 / 201832 games
Threat indicatorHas some extra HUD or gameplay element that shows the protagonist is in danger even when the player does not know it. Often with several degrees of danger, from NPC suspicion, recognition, search, pursuit, to all out alarm.1998 / 201850 games
Visibility indicatorIncludes an indicator for how visible you are, usually how well lit.1998 / 201931 games
Level progress indicatorShows individual level progress in some manner.1987 / 201421 games
Objective indicatorShows where the current objective is located in one way or another.1990 / 2019327 games
Visualized trajectoryNon-straight trajectories are visualized somehow for the player, usually for thrown objects.2009 / 201855 games
Wind indicatorIncludes an indicator for wind direction and possibly speed.1983 / 2013145 games