Locations theme

Most or all of the story is spent indoors or similar conditions with limited visibility and movement options.


The first video game about Indoors was released in 1979.

Electronic Arts, Interplay and Origin Systems has published most of these games

* Corridors
* Canyon
This also includes tunnels, subterranean setting, and anything else that severely limits view and movement distance in all directions (e.g. tight canyons) even city streets and backalleys if they're enough small.

This is commonly caused by engine's technical limitations or more rarely a conscious design choice outside technical thoughts.

Should not be used for sports, driving or simulation games unless it's unusual.

Should not be used if the game mixes both outdoor and indoor locations decently.


Linux 132
Windows 60
Tandy Coco 23
Mac OS Classic 15
Mac OS X 15
NES 10
PS 8
X360 6
Atari 2600 5
Atari ST 5
PS3 5
Android 5
C64 4
Archimedes 4
BeOS 4
Unix 3
Amstrad CPC 3
Apple II E 3
OS/2 3
ZX Spectrum 3
Saturn 3
Amiga 3
custom 3
NEC PC9801 2
iOS 2
Amiga AGA 2
Wii 2
3DO 2
Memotech MTX 2

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