Interaction: Characters

Video game concept

Tags describing how player can interact with other characters.

Parent group

CrueltyEncourages and/or rewards acts of cruelty.2002 / 201218 games
Enemy commandingPlayer may, under certain circumstances, command the enemy to do something for them, such as dropping their weapons or surrendering.2 games
GiftingPlayer can give NPCs objects outside of dialogs and other regular item transfer prompts.1995 / 20163 games
GrapplingPlayer can take a firm hold of opponents to either to throw, incapacitate or somehow physically use them or proceed with more straightforward pounding.1991 / 201655 games
Infidelity2010 / 20166 games
Interactive dialoguesIncludes dialogues where the player has some control over the course they take.1985 / 2019314 games
IntimidationPlayer character can somehow intimidate others, especially when this is by their own actions.2004 / 201826 games
MarriagePlayer character(s) can or must enter into marriage or similar union.1988 / 201940 games
Meat shieldThe player character can use the bodies of other characters - dead or still living - as shields.1981 / 201373 games
Player initiated reproductionA rarity in videogames, that players can choose for their characters to attempt have children. Not to be confused with [[tag:breeding breeding]].1985 / 201640 games
RomanceInvolves romance, either as the whole point or some (optional) sub-plot.1993 / 2019113 games
TortureInvolves torture, especially cases where the player takes active part as the perpetrator.1999 / 201748 games