Interaction: Environment

Video game concept

Tags describing how player can interact with environment.

Parent group

ClamberingPlayer can climb onto about waist/chest high objects or possibly higher ones.1998 / 201817 games
Cover systemPlayer can interact with cover and/or gains various bonuses from using them.1978 / 2018220 games
Destructible environmentThe environment can be destroyed in a more or less limited fashion, but often leaving the base level structure intact.1985 / 2019364 games
Horizontal barsA bar used generally in artistic gymnastics.2006 / 201422 games
Interactive terminalsTerminals and similar are interactive without entering separate dedicated interaction mode with them.2004 / 201612 games
Interactive triggersPlayer encounters trigger mechanisms they can or must interact with, usually in form of push buttons or turning levers/valves.1990 / 2018235 games
LedgesPlayer can use ledges to pull themselves up to surfaces higher than what they can jump to, move left and right on them while hanging helplessly from them, or otherwise interact with them.1984 / 2018334 games
Manual interactionPlayer interacts with the environment manually rather than being given a generic use/manipulate command that produces a precanned result.2007 / 201521 games
Poles climbingPlayer may encounter poles or other column-like objects that they may climb up, down and [i]around[/i] more or less freely.1987 / 201222 games
Rope swingingSwinging from ropes, or any other things that serve the same purpose, often to get over death pits.1982 / 2018121 games
Terrain deformationFeatures deformable terrain, usually in the form of terraforming or otherwise changing terrain elevation for construction purposes as well as creating mounds from explosions and similar things.1994 / 201998 games
VaultingPlayer can climb over certain objects, such as fences, without using jumping or similar functions.2008 / 201969 games
Wall climbingInvolves scaling vertical surfaces without the aid of ladders or similar aides.1980 / 2018115 games
Wall clingingThe protagonist can cling momentarily or permanently to walls or other mostly sideways facing surfaces.1990 / 201865 games
Wall-huggingThe protagonist can lie flat against a wall for one reason or another.2001 / 201410 games
WallrunningPlayer is able to run short distances on the walls, usually to sides avoiding something or as some other mechanic.2002 / 201448 games
Wall traversalThe protagonist can freely traverse any wall or mostly sideways facing surfaces in any direction.1999 / 201224 games