Interaction: Items

Video game concept

Tags describing how player can interact with items/equipment.

Alternate name: Equipment

Item bindingItems can be bound to a character, or must be bound to be used. Purpose of the binding varies, but usually it prevents other characters from using them (and thus trading the bound item as well).2 games
Item durabilityItems wear down with use, rust and otherwise degrade with time or from being subjected to the elements.1985 / 2018143 games
Item identificationPlayer must or can identify items to gain greater insight to them. In some instances player may be prohibited from using items without identification.1975 / 201781 games
Item lockPlayer can somehow lock items (mark them for keeping) that prevents the item from being lost, such as dropped, sold, traded, purged, etc. until the lock is removed, but can still be used otherwise without restrictions.1994 / 20179 games
Naming: ObjectsPlayer can give names to objects, items, tools, and so forth.2006 / 20179 games
Object manipulationPlayer can somehow fiddle with objects in their hands, such as turning them around, shaking them, etc.1998 / 201515 games