Reason for involvement

Video game theme

Any tags describing reason for the protagonist to be involved in the events.

See also: situations
CoercedThe protagonist is involved simply because they've been somehow coerced into it.1994 / 201724 games
CuriosityThe protagonist exhibits unhealthy levels of curiosity and finds themselves in a difficult situation.1 game
EntangledThe protagonist is caught up in the events more or less by accident.1999 / 201630 games
Hero protagonistThe protagonist is a hero or a would-be-hero, someone who has decided to save the day or otherwise jump into action to do something about the problem, unlike the rest of the populace who cover in terror in the face of danger and oppression.1983 / 2019157 games
IdeologyThe protagonist is involved due to ideological reasons.2003 / 201613 games
Personal gainThe protagonist is involved due to strong desire to gain something, regardless what it is specifically, covering things like health, wealth, fame, skill, power, friends, a loved one, servants, etc.1981 / 201772 games
Inexplicable involvementThe reason why the protagonist is or becomes involved in the plot is left unexplained, effectively functioning as a sort of Deus Ex Machina.2003 / 20077 games
JusticeProtagonist is involved in the story for the sake of justice.1 game
ObligationThe protagonist is involved because it's their obligation, whether real, personal or imagined one.1998 / 201643 games
RevengeRevenge plays a significant role in the plot. The protagonist is out to exact vengeance upon someone out there and struggles through countless difficulties to ultimately reach their goal.1990 / 2017105 games