IPX network protocol

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Uses the old and largely obsolete IPX network protocol. Unfortunately no longer supported by modern operating systems natively, making playing games that require it difficult.


Alternate names: Internetwork Packet Exchange, IPX/SPX, Sequenced Packet Exchange

The first video game about IPX network protocol was released in 1990.

Activision, Blizzard and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

Windows XP at least includes an optional IPX compatibility driver, but this isn't enabled by default. Whether IPX works over the internet might be another issue (possibly limited to be used only in LAN).

Around 2007 several operating systems removed IPX support completely, most notably Windows Vista. Other operating systems also removed it, but on them IPX probably never was used very seriously. Mac seems to have never had IPX support built-in, and Linux still seems to include IPX support despite it likely never having much use there.

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Windows 29
Mac OS Classic 3
Linux 2

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A2007 - Several operating systems remove IPX support

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