Item pickup

Video game concept

Tags related to item pickup/acquisition.

Item pickup: AttractA variation of automatic item pickup where the player pulls in any nearby and possible even far items, reducing the need to actually fetch them properly.2006 / 201734 games
Item pickup: AutomaticItems are picked up automatically by simply walking, driving or flying over them with no action, delay, or anything required from the player, as if the items jumped in the protagonist's pockets on their own.1981 / 2018126 games
Item pick up: DelayedItems are picked up automatically after a short delay.1 game
Item pickup: GlobalThere's no range limits to where you can pick-up items. This may however be limited to drops by enemies ("loose items") and not things placed in the environment.2007 / 20147 games
Item pickup: Ignore excessUpon trying to pick up items you can't store in your inventory, the new item is ignored, leaving it as it is where you found it (or dropped again upon finding your inventory full).1992 / 201730 games
Item pick up: InstantaneousItems are picked instantaneously as soon as player instructs the character to pick them up, either by pointing at specific items or simply picking up nearest.1985 / 2017128 games
Item pick up: NormalItems are picked up by player indicating which item, and the character reaches out and stashes the item.1994 / 201634 games
Item pickup: PartialItem stacks (e.g. ammunition) or items that give a numeric return (e.g. healing items) for using them, are only consumed partially if there's need leaving the remaining as is.0 game
Item pickup: ScoopCharacter picks up all nearby objects, either simultaneously or runs about collecting them. Either by default or by player specifically using some alternate item pickup key or method.2003 / 20146 games
Item pickup: Scrap excessUpon trying to pick up items you don't have space for in your inventory, the items are destroyed.1983 / 19892 games
Item pickup: Stash excessUpon trying to pick up items you can't store in your inventory, the new item is stored in your stash automatically.1 game