Item pickup: Automatic

Video game concept

Items are picked up automatically by simply walking, driving or flying over them with no action, delay, or anything required from the player, as if the items jumped in the protagonist's pockets on their own.


Alternate name: Touch

The first video game about Item pickup: Automatic was released in 1981.

Electronic Arts, Trendy Entertainment and Tripwire Interactive has published most of these games

Item pick up: Automatic - Delayed - Instant - Normal
Excess items: Ignore - Partial - Discard
Variations: Attract - Scoop
Note that this is NOT the same as the character automatically picking up objects at their feet when the player pauses near them.

This is the norm in shmups, so they shouldn't be tagged with this. Used to be the norm in other shooters as well, but this has become less common.

Usually the faintest of touch is enough to pick items up.

This is commonly present even with many other pick up methods, since there are commonly items that players will want to pick up regardless (either because they simply are universally useful or they simply do not take any space in your inventory). This commonly includes health, ammo, money and other such small things.

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