Item pick up: Instantaneous

Video game concept

Items are picked instantaneously as soon as player instructs the character to pick them up, either by pointing at specific items or simply picking up nearest.


The first video game about Item pick up: Instantaneous was released in 1985.

Beamdog , 2K Games and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

Item pick up: Automatic - Delayed - Instant - Normal
Excess items: Ignore - Partial - Discard
Variations: Attract - Scoop
Other than telling the character to pick the items up, there's no action from the character that indicates picking up anything. At most the character may press some button that sucks the items up, all in an instant.

Commonly this can be performed at dead run.

In terms of turn-based systems, this does not progress time.

This also includes cases where the item becomes attached to the pointer.