Java platfom

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Runs on the Java platform. Ideally they work on any system with Java runtime environment available without any differences.


The first video game about Java platfom was released in 1979.

Phr00t Software, Mojang and Dream Codex has published most of these games

Most common limiter for cross-platform compatibility is file system management (and OS specific storage locations) as well as third-party libraries in non-"pure Java" format.
Java compatibility for PowerPC machines can be archived with a ppc compile of libgcj and related apps. But most people prefer IBM's ppc Java

While fully cross-platform Java games are possible, this is usually only done for web-based apps. Many games are mostly or partially Java based and include OS specific components.

Usually distributed as .jar files (Java Archive) which the local Java Run-time (a virtual machine) can process.

JavaScript is unrelated to Java, despite the similar syntax and name.