Job system

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A variant of class system where characters can freely (no limit how many times) swap between classes (jobs), retaining pretty much everything they had in them. Although mostly the currently selected job is actually usable.


The first video game about Job system was released on May 16, 2002.

Square Enix, Capcom and Namco has published most of these games

This works most of the time very close to respecialization with several changes:
* Whatever was gained with one class is retained, though may become unusable when job is switch (add multiclassing tag if most/everything is retained)
* Swapping back to a class restores everything back to normal use at the stage you left them (if multiclassing, this probably doesn't actually do anything)
* Unlike normal class system, there's no limit nor penalty to how many jobs (classes) the character can have. They can master them all.

Job swapping may be possible at any time anywhere, even in middle of combat or other activities, or at specific locations.
See also: respecialization (a lossy variant in other class-based games where you lose everything you had), multi-classing (simultaneously having more than one job/class)

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