Judeo-Christian mythology

Culture theme

Based on parts of bible canon, the canon writings of Jewish, Samaritan, Christian holy texts and/or related texts & traditions, as theme or plot point

The first video game about Judeo-Christian mythology was released in 1982.

BIBLEBYTES SOFTWARE, BibleByte and Atari has published most of these games

Judeo-Christian mythology comes from the basis of the Torah, Old Testament and New Testament of the Holy Bible, oral traditions and works variously defined as apocryphal, esoteric, spurious, heretical, pseudepigraphal, or otherwise uncanonical works. May include characters, events, any related to these works.

Note, should the game be based only on works accepted as "canon" then the canon tag applies (and may also not actually meet the scholarly definition of "mythology"). This principle also applies to characters of this group.

By their very definitions, "Judeo-Christian mythology" and "Biblical Canon" are not equivalent.

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Lucifer, Noah, Goliath, Gabriel, Moses, Michael, Jesus of Nazareth, David, Jochebed, Joshua, Joseph, Joseph of Arimathea, Mary, Ham, 'Adataneses
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