Creatures theme

Features kemonomimi, humans or human-like beings that have animal ears and often tail too. May include gloves/boots that resemble paws or having such actually or other minor traits. Face and the body generally is always extremely human.


Alternate names: 獣耳, Animal ears, Catgirls

The first video game about Kemonomimi was released on October 1991.

Sekai Project, Square Enix and Aquaplus has published most of these games

Includes the more specific instances like...
- Nekomimi (猫耳, cat ears)

This is the "Japanese way" of expressing things like catgirls (猫娘, nekomusume)

Since these are extremely common in Japanese(-inspired) games, we might as well use the names they use. This also has the benefit of not being gender or species specific like the English names all are.

This is different from more "realistic" hybrid creatures as this only includes the animal ears, sometimes a tail, and sometimes animal hands and feet (but the last two are often in very costume like manner). They also usually exhibit mannerism of the animal they're supposed to depict, but this is usually for the cuteness and comedic relief than any other reason.