Killer rabbits

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Creatures that should be utterly harmless aren't, possibly far more dangerous than their outward appearance would ever suggest.


The first video game about Killer rabbits was released in 1985.

SSI, Square Enix and Bay 12 Games has published most of these games

Usage Warning: If everything (or almost so) fits this concept, consider using cutesy tag instead.

Applicable regardless if the creatures are actually rabbits or even resemble any real beings, but generally anything that one would assume to be utterly harmless, either because it's so cute and cuddly or because it appears to be a herbivore (or some other docile thing).

The above herbivore bit is not quite defining trait of this, elephants, rhinos and hippos are notable for their capacity to be quite dangerous despite this. Also, dolphins are also generally considered adorable, despite their occasional habit of pummeling harmless fellow sea creatures to death with their bony snouts (it's much more dangerous than it might sound) and not for food (specifically bottlenose dolphins killing porpoises). Though they may be included if (made to appear) unusual within context and if tag note informs of this.

Note: The tag name was taken from TV Tropes, which in turn took it as a reference to `Monty Python and the Holy Grail´ which has a literal white, killer rabbit.