Late antiquity

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A historical transitory phase in Europe between classical antiquity and the early middle ages, from 2nd century (~230s) till 5th (~470s) or even 7th century (~750s).


The first video game about Late antiquity was released in 1984.

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Notable for the decline of the Roman Empire, reduced use of classical Greek and Latin in literature (other languages started to flourish), and so forth.

At the time of writing, historians haven't found very good consensus on what was exactly going on during the late antiquity and how it affected things. One could therefore assume it was a time of turmoil, change and so forth, causing a lapse in quality of historical records. And considering how middle ages are perceived, this is hardly surprising.
Succeeded by:
* Middle ages

Preceded by:
* Classical Antiquity

Notable events:
(overlaps middle ages) Life of the Islamic prophet Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullāh, 570/571-??-?? to 632-06-08
(overlaps middle ages) Muslim conquests (فتح‎, Fataḥ) 632–732

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