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Alternate name: Linux distros

ALT Linux SisyphusA set of Linux distros specializing in customization, correct localization, and advanced package management.2001 / 20035 games
Arch LinuxA minimalist distro designed elegant, code correct, lightweight, & simple from a developers point of view. Relies heavily on command-line utilities.1996 / 201968 games
Caldera Linux1 game
CentOS Linux DistributionGames for the CentOS operating system. CentOS promises 100% compatibility with Red Hat Linux2004 / 201715 games
Corel LinuxOS distributionGames that run on Corel Linux, a Debian-based distro. Used custom GUI, looked like Win98. Migration was very easy. M$ stole its File & Settings Transfer Wizard.1 game
Debian GNU/LinuxGames for Debian distro. The most tightly organized GNU OS available.1993 / 2019337 games
Familiar ProjectComplete OS with OPIE or GPE GUI intended for iPAQ, Agenda or other PDAs. Based on a kernel modified by Compaq who officially switched iPAQ to Familiar4 games
Fedora Core LinuxGames that run on the Fedora Core Distro. Fedora is the 'free' version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.1979 / 2019125 games
Gentoo LinuxGames for Gentoo. Gt and apps come in source code not binary form. This is so the user-compiled apps are optimized and fast. It was initially BSD based.1983 / 2019114 games
iPod Linux operating systemGames for iPod Linux O/S.1 game
Knoppix Linux OSGame runs on Debian-based Knoppix. Famous for being entirely CD runnable or other removable media.2 games
Lindows Linux O/SGames for Lindows operating system2002 / 20095 games
Mandriva LinuxOriginally Redhat based. Uses rpm. Know for Windows-to-Linux migration tools, urpmi package manager, & nspluginwrapper allowing 32bit plugins on 64bit1993 / 201791 games
Pardus Linux3 games
PCLinuxOSLinux from Texas. A Debian derived distro with influences from Mandriva. Also from Gentoo, OpenSuSE, Fedora, & Ubuntu. Backed by the PCLinuxOS company2004 / 20179 games
PLD LinuxA Linux distro for advanced users focused on system administration for a wide variety of architectures.1998 / 20088 games
Redhat Linux OSGames that run on Red Hat. A commercial Linux distro. Red Hat, Inc.'s best known product. Includes [b]7 years of support[/b]. [gametag=fedora]Fedora[/gametag] is the free version.1979 / 201768 games
Slackware Linux Distro1994 / 201739 games
Slax Linux DistroDesigned to be installed on thumbdrive, Media card, MP3 player, iPod, digital camera, etc & ran from any computer the device will interface with.1 game
SteamOSSupports the SteamOS Linux distribution (a fork from Debian 7), either by coming with installer for it or is otherwise simple to setup on it.2007 / 2019402 games
SUSE Linux1979 / 2019116 games
Ubuntu LinuxComes with/Installs very simply on Ubuntu.1991 / 20196828 games
VLOS LinuxA Gentoo based distro designed for ease of use (unlike Gentoo).1 game