Liquid physics

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Liquids and semi-solid substances (such as water, acid, lava, mud, etc.) flow, pool, and otherwise dynamically interacts with the world.


Alternate names: Liquid dynamics
Name variations: Water dynamics, Water physics

The first video game about Liquid physics was released in 1991.

RedWolf Design, GWE team and Ubisoft has published most of these games

This is in contrast of the age old water being a static entity, possibly even at a static height. Some way for this was paved when scripted sequences of water interacting in more interesting ways were done, but this is the culmination of that. Insert a body of mass and simulate how it flows, impedes movement, fills rooms and so forth.

Earliest form of this was witnessed in old side-scrollers where each pixel was like a grain of sand, and with water, a droplet of water, however huge.
* Wildfire
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