Software concept

After the game reaches the point where the player can actually play, there are no notable pauses for loading thenceforth, anywhere.


Alternate name: Background loading

The first video game about Loadless was released on March 2010.

Murudai, Boss Baddie and Namco Bandai has published most of these games

This tag should not be used on systems that by nature can't have loading breaks, such as cartridge based systems (it requires some effort to make them need loading breaks, thus the presence of loads is more important to note than the lack of). This also implies there's no media swapping or similar during play.

These games may still have loading for new areas, but have obscured them somehow, such as elevator rides, airlocks, hyperspace tunnels, etc.

This also applies to mission-based games as long as they have no loads between missions.

Like with seamless world, fast travel or similar long distance "teleportation" can be seen as acceptable break from this where the game suddenly needs to have the destination available. Meaning, loading when such function is used is acceptable break from this tag.