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Alternate name: Movement

Parent group

AfterburnerIncludes a device, ability, or other that propels the protagonist or their vehicle at speed far above their normal capabilities for a time. Likely has somehow limited use or is somehow detrimental for other activities.1988 / 201857 games
AirdashThe protagonist can dash mid-air, causing a sudden burst of speed in the defined direction.2002 / 201763 games
ChargingPlayer character can charge at their opponents and cause damage, stunning or such with the impact.1982 / 201753 games
DashingA sudden and short run or similar movement.1991 / 201899 games
Ambiguous term: DivingThe term "diving" is ambiguous and thus this should not be used as is, see the child tags for more accurate instances.container group
DrivingFeatures driving any land-based vehicle(s) as the whole point, for significant part of the game or prominent side activity.1977 / 2019494 games
Flying1982 / 2018158 games
Gliding1983 / 201657 games
HelmingPlayer controls a watercraft, or is at least responsible for its steering.2011 / 20153 games
Jumping1979 / 20191599 games
LedgesPlayer can use ledges to pull themselves up to surfaces higher than what they can jump to, move left and right on them while hanging helplessly from them, or otherwise interact with them.1984 / 2018333 games
ParkourInvolves parkour or parkour-like action.2007 / 201739 games
PilotingPlayer controls an aircraft, or is at least responsible for its steering.2008 / 201716 games
RidingAnimal riding, either as a game element or the whole point.1978 / 2018379 games
RollingMovement works in similar fashion to ball rolling, especially when player controls a ball or a character on a ball.2004 / 201717 games
StumblingPlayer character and others can stumble, trip over, or such from poor maneuvering.2005 / 201822 games
SwimmingInvolves swimming or otherwise traversing through watery bodies without the aid of any vehicles.1982 / 2019331 games
TumblingPlayer can tumble, roll head over heels on the ground more or less controllably.1994 / 2018104 games
Underwater divingHumanoid character(s) spend air limited time underwater with or without equipment.1974 / 2019267 games
WalkingPlayer can or must move about on foot, regardless of speed.1980 / 20193841 games
Wall climbingInvolves scaling vertical surfaces without the aid of ladders or similar aides.1980 / 2018115 games
WallrunningPlayer is able to run short distances on the walls, usually to sides avoiding something or as some other mechanic.2002 / 201448 games