Activities theme

Player must build, manage and maintain logistics networks for storage and delivery of resources across their domain and possibly beyond.


Alternate name: Resource distribution

The first video game about Logistics was released in 1983.

Scholastic, Starbyte and Zachtronics Industries has published most of these games

This is NOT for simple use of resources. The resources must be delivered somehow and/or the delivery network can be managed.

Resources such as energy, water, food, and so forth.

If the player can only help the distribution, such as by building roads or other transit networds for the resources to be transmitted faster, then this tag may still be used, but note should be made that it isn't as involved.
See also: routing, traffic control

* Trading

Common in:
* City building

See also: no global resources (note that logistics does not imply this as there may be only one storage place)