Mage slayers

Creatures theme

People who by profession hunt, capture, and/or kill mages or others with supernatural powers. Often specifically capable of nullifying those supernatural powers.


Alternate name: Witch hunters

The first video game about Mage slayers was released in 2000.

Blizzard, Beamdog and EA International has published most of these games

See also: monster hunters
Commonly these employ artefacts of power, supernatural abilities similar to those that they hunt, some third power (e.g. divine blessings), or such to combat their targets. Besides specializing in combating the supernatural, they're often otherwise very non-spectacular as their abilities to counter the supernatural are unhelpful against the natural and must rely on themselves as normal people in such circumstances.

Commonly seen when the mages/witches are seen as either evil or a liability, sometimes hunted without any consideration to their actual activities and in other cases only specific mages/witches are hunted (e.g. those that try to run/hide from The System).

Common traits/powers:
* Anti-magical and/or magic resistant
* Ability to dispel magical effects or even prevent spellcasting completely
* Ability to make spellcasting harmful to the caster
* Ability to discern illusions
* Mental fortitude to resist mind control and other malicious magical effects
* Extensive knowledge of the occult and possibly ability to use it (see below)
* May be a mage/witch themself