Magical technology

Culture theme

The presence of any technology powered by magic or comprised of magical components.


Alternate names: Magitek, Magitech

The first video game about Magical technology was released on September 27, 1988.

Arcen Games, Square Enix and THQ has published most of these games

* Magic
* Magic is Science (not enforceable as one could easily incorporate magical knowledge or artefacts to enhance or power otherwise natural machinery, e.g. an artefact that produces constant electric current could presumably be used to power modern day electric appliances).

* Technological magic
Devices and other technological contraptions that either draw power from magic or are comprised of components that can't be called much else than magic. A clockwork automaton would be the most likely case where the real technological parts are insufficient to produce the final product alone.

Outwardly this technology may appear like any other, but inside they may have nothing that would make them work realistically or they're inscribed in magical runes, symbols or other such arcane scribblings that give them their functionality. Note however, that if the devices function perfectly fine without magic, then they do not count, as they're simply "enchanted", usually for additional protection, wards against magical attacks or other things that technology has not been able to provide. One can easily see that this tag is somewhat difficult to apply in cases where you have nothing but their outward appearance to judge.